Ivor’s 2001 BMW 530i/5 Introduction


This is my 2001 BMW 530i 5 speed. I bought this car in June of this year from a guy in Minnesota. I found the car on Craigslist, and bought it for $6,500, which was a great deal. I originally wanted an M5, but they were out of my price range, so I started looking for a 540i. After some research, I found out that the V8s are a pain to repair, and the MPGs are awful, so I decided to go for a 530i. I was specifically looking for a 530i with a manual box, which was difficult to find in South Dakota. After searching for about 3 weeks, I found this one. It met all of my criteria: facelift model with the angel eyes, 5 speed box, M bumpers, BBS style wheels, it just had my name written all over it! After about a week, it was finally in my driveway: my first BMW!  Below are the pictures of it from the Craigslist ad.


I bought it with just 123,000 miles on it. The car is now close to 130,000. Since I bought it, I have replaced two tires, changed the oil (another change is due soon), change transmission fluid with Royal Purple, replaced the cup holders, had a dual tip muffler installed, upgraded my angel eye bulbs to LEDs, had an oil leak fixed (oil filter housing gasket) and I purchased an M5 spoiler for which I have yet to install. I do have some issues with the car that I will address as soon as I can. I need to replace the passenger side front thrust arm, my DSC light is on, the sunroof doesn’t tilt anymore, I need a new radiator shroud, and the car has a few rust spots on it that I want to get repaired. It also has a dent in the hood from a fender bender. Aside from those issues, the car is superb. I’ve never had a car like it before. My previous car was a 1996 Nissan Maxima 5 speed, which I loved, and I miss that car a lot. But, this is in a whole different league. After owning this car, I don’t think I can own anything else, unless l were to get a Nissan GTR R35 or Skyline GTR R33, those are my dream cars. I would like to upgrade eventually to an M5 just because I want a car with straight up raw power that the 530i just doesn’t have. But, I love my 530i! I get so many complements it’s crazy, everybody loves it!


In the future, I would like to lower it, put some 18 or 19 inch wheels on it, install my M5 spoiler (should be pretty soon), maybe install a  chip and upgrade software to get some extra oomph from it and get my windows tinted. That’s all I can think of for now. But other than those things, I just want to make sure that this car is properly looked after, and is kept in good running order, because the price of not doing so is frightening!IMG_0578

Above is my other vehicle, a 1974 Chevy C10 long box 2WD “lowrider”. I’m trying to acquire parts for an LS 5.3 Vortec swap for it right now.

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4 thoughts on “Ivor’s 2001 BMW 530i/5 Introduction

  1. Hey Ivory, I’ve seen your post on your 530i sport 5spd. I really enjoyed reading it even though it’s 2 years ago. Your car is beautiful , that black on style 5 wheels is a winner . I own a 2003 titanium silver 530 purchased in February 2014 sport also with style 42’s and auto trans with 127k miles , currently 138k miles. These are one most attractive cars (sedans) that turns heads when they pull up to intersections and parking lots. The complements don’t stop.

    • Thanks man…Ive had it for almost 3 years and i love it. Its a fantastic car. Currently has 157k miles on it and it still runs great though it does have some issues I need to deal with like the secondary air pump, dsc and sunroof. Other than that its great. I may trade it for a 540i some time in the future but when i do im keeping my style 5 wheels lol…those wheels are awesome

  2. Hi,

    very nice, I want to get the same wheels can you please tell me are those 15″ wheels also are those BMW rims or BBS etc?

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