BMW’s Bastard Child – The Intro of my 318ti

318ti Exterior

Let’s keep things short, and get this started. I sold my E39 M5 at a good price, but I still miss it dearly. I’m in college studying engineering and pre-med, so I’m going to be in school for a long time. I don’t have the time anymore for photo shoots, car washes and detailing all the time. I needed something cheap, reliable and plain; and it had to be a good project car for some great E39Source content. I decided to buy a Ti – it’s a big F-U to all the viewer’s that thought I was going to get something flashy, and worst of all, everybody hates how it looks.

A brief overview of the car:

The paint sucks. It has been resprayed, and it shows. It hasn’t been in any accidents, per Autocheck, and all the panels have matching VINs. The front bumper was ripped off, and I don’t know what redneck engineering was used to put it back on; the fog light wires are ripped, and I’m missing some accessory plastic panels that attach to the bumper. There is surface rust on some parts, but I can easily deal with that.

318ti Interior

The interior is decent. The driver’s door panel is trashed, and it took the door seal along with it. I also need to reupholster the headliner. Otherwise, there are no rips or cracks in the interior, and I got this sweet 7″ flip out display head unit a la Fast ‘n Furious.

M44 Valves

The engine had an oil leak. I replaced the valve cover gasket and oil supply seal to remedy that problem. While I was in there, the spark plugs, micro-filters, and engine air filter were also replaced. If it still leaks, I’m doing the oil filter housing gasket next. The fuel pump and sender as well as the serpentine belt were replaced on this car before I took ownership.

The suspension needs work. The control arms are shot after 164,000 miles. The struts and shocks are also shot, unless you consider  Buick-esque handling acceptable. The coil springs are also rusty, and cracked from 17 years of salt exposure. Since all the suspension consumables for the Ti are cheap, I will be replacing everything underneath the car.

That’s all there is to say about my new car. For the viewers that think I’ve made the wrong decision, just stop watching my videos. For those interested in my progress, and I seriously doubt there are many, I will keep on posting informative videos. Just because my car fell short to a lot of people’s expectations does not mean my content will also fall short of everybody’s expectations.

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5 thoughts on “BMW’s Bastard Child – The Intro of my 318ti

  1. j/w what type of MPGs you’re pulling with the 318? I’ve been using my E39 as a dialy for some time and I wouldn’t mind a change. I’m thinking about switching to something more simple (like you did), and with high MPGs. Accordingly to various internet content (questionabe source reliability), some people are pulling mid to high 30s on the highway, with high 20s for mixed driving.
    Have you noticed this to be true?

    Good luck on your engineering studies. I’ve been working as an Engineer for the past few years right out of school and I’d say the work you put in is going to be rewarding!

    • I’ve only driven the car around 800 or so miles since I didn’t take it with me to college. I’m only on my third tank of gas (89 octane) but this is what I’ve gotten so far calculated on Fuelly. I do think my car will be able to follow the trends others see (not high-30’s highway but rather low to mid-30’s). I do autocross so my averages may be lower than expected though.

      The first tank got me 25 MPG. This was a lot of mixed driving and a not so well maintained car; for example, oil leaks everywhere, old spark plugs, semi-clogged PCV.

      The second tank got me 24 MPG. Mostly city driving. New plugs, new valve cover gasket, new oil filter housing gasket, new air filter. However, it had a fully clogged PCV and was puking oil out still. The weather was also below freezing the entire time I drove on this tank.

      I’ll have to come back and update on my third tank. This one had everything fixed about 1/4 tank in. However, it also has an autocross on it which also used about 1/4 tank. I’m thinking this will also be in the mid-20’s.

  2. Might wanna change your bio Andrew, also the car is not as good as the M5 but I understand why you bought it and hopefully after school is done you might get another M one day.

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