Hassan’s 2002 BMW E39 530iA Introduction

IMG_0962IMG_1582_2IMG_2938IMG_1584_2I have always been really into cars; I can still remember my briefcase toy chest filled with hot wheels race cars. I used to love those things, I took them everywhere with me! The doctor’s office, on vacations, you name it, I always brought some little toy cars with me. I was a boy who loved cars, like many others. Like many little boys, I dreamed of driving a race car and going 300mph, and having the time of my life. Fast forward to March, 2012. I was behind the wheel of a 2002 BMW 530i, driving in a parking lot at no more than 5mph. I was very excited, and very nervous. It was my first time ever getting behind the wheel of a car and actually driving it. After some short practice time in parking lots, I hit the road with my dad. I remember noticing how solid and smooth the car felt, and not thinking too much that this was a BMW. A couple days later, I went driving again with my dad in our 2000 Lexus RX 300. From the first step on the gas pedal, the first thing that came to mind was, this is no BMW. I told my dad I wanted to get back in the 530i. At the time, my dad was using the 530i to commute to work and back home; his weekend car was his 2007 Audi A8L. This was his third E39 he had bought, the previous ones being a 1998 528i and another 2002 BMW 530i. Since my dad had always been into BMW’s and had owned many, I was also a fan of them. As time went on, and I got more practice, I took my driver’s license test, and passed with flying colors. The plan was for me to drive the 530i, and my dad would purchase another car for his everyday driving. The 530i would become mine! The first thing I remember doing when he purchased his new 2007 Infiniti M45, was clearing out all of his stuff and vacuuming the interior of the E39. I gave it a good wash, and it was all set to be mine, I was very happy. The only thing it needed was a good detail. The paint was very rough, and didn’t look all that great. Although my dad had promised to have it detailed before he gave it to me, I told him to hold off, and that I would get all the materials, and do it myself. So, I placed an order online for Zaino, and got started. I followed the whole process very carefully, and the car looked great! Another thing my dad had promised to do was to get new floor mats for the car. Being a beige interior, the floor mats get dirty much quicker, and the ones that were in the car were old and torn up, and not OEM. So, I placed an order on ECSTuning for new OEM beige floor mats for the front and rear.

The 530i is an April of 2002 production month. It was sold to the first owner at Irvine BMW, in June of 2002. It was purchased by my Dad in 2010, and had 58,000 miles on it, he was the second owner. The car is fully loaded with everything but the cold weather package, and being a Southern California car, it’s honestly just not needed. Toledo Blue Metallic exterior color, Sand Beige interior, Sport Seats, Xenon Angel Eye headlights, Sport Package, 17 inch BMW Style 42 sport wheels, Navigation System with DSP audio, BMW telephone, voice command, split-fold rear seats, M-Steering wheel, 5 speed Automatic with Sport and Steptronic manual mode, electric seats, park distance control, the car is fully loaded.

Fast forward to now, and there is a list of things that I have purchased for this car. A lot of them are little cosmetic things like the center console handle, replacing the BMW Motorola phone mount with a standard one, floor mats, front cup holders, replacing the front lower fender liners, a couple of bulbs here and there, and other little things. The original BM53 navigation radio had to be replaced with a new BM53 from BMW, which added support for auxiliary input, which I would later end up installing. Mechanically, the car has also not had too many issues. It had a new alternator put in at about 95,000 miles, along with a new radiator and thermostat.

IMG_4013 IMG_4012 IMG_4015 IMG_4016 IMG_4017

The car is always a work in progress so stay tuned for updates on the car!


To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “Hassan’s 2002 BMW E39 530iA Introduction

  1. I just bought a Oct 01 530iA loaded. It’s been neglected, but the engine and trans is great with 152k miles. Currently, it’s not passing smog. So, I plan to do a total service change myself; all fluids, mounts, Dissa valve replacement, speedometer, sensors, idle control, abs, lights, wheels & tyres, and window regulators. After I get it mechanically sounded, I’m gonna get it painted to its original color ( metallic black).
    I’m into buying a 98 528i for $300. It has a blown head gasket, but I really just want it for parts because it has a new set of tires on it. But, do you think any other parts of that car would fit my 530iA?

    • The 528i is most different from an 530i in two main ways:

      1) The 528i is pre-facelift. So it has older headlights, tail lights, bumpers, steering wheel, and some body electronics. Most of the rest of the parts will be compatible on the 530i.
      2) The 528i uses an M52 I6 engine, which was replaced with the M54 I6 engine that is in your 530i. Some components transfer, but the engines themselves have more differences than just displacement.

  2. Heya Hassan,
    I realise this is probably an old post, but I saw this car and thought I’d mention that (yes I’m down under) but I’ve just purchased a Feb 2002 E39 535i Exec (yes I know you didnt get the 535 – a 3.5L V8 over there, they were all the 540s) in Toldedo Blue with Beige like yours, and fully loaded too.. and currently showing 55,000 of your miles on the clock and a complete and up-to-date BMW dealer service history..
    Anyway nice car, thought I’d mention that I’m suddenly a Toledo fanboy…
    Anyway g’day from down under..

  3. Do you have any information on installing a ABS traction control pump DSC which I know is not working but just received one from Ebay and want to swap it out. My friend can program it afterwards. Thanks Rick Retelle

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