BMW Removes Manual Transmission From the 5 Series


Roughly a month ago, I was on BMWUSA and noticed the manual gearbox was removed from the F10 5 series. The standard gearbox is now the 8 speed auto (sigh) or there is the sport automatic transmission for an extra $500. When a manual gearbox is removed from a fine tuned driving instrument, a part of its soul has been removed.Thankfully the manual is still available on the 3 series (probably for a short time) and on the M series line up. Yes, I know that modern automatics are more reliable, get exceptional fuel economy and offer extremely quick shifts, however, if the reader shares the same views as I and believes a car should have, engine at the front, manual gearbox in the middle, and drive at the back, then what are we as driving aficionados to do. I suppose we could buy a used F10, E60, E39, and I guess manual gearboxes are becoming a thing of the past.

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I have had an interest in cars since the day I was born. From playing with matchbox cars when I was little to driving remote control cars as I got older and eventually driving my parents 2008 BMW 535xi.

6 thoughts on “BMW Removes Manual Transmission From the 5 Series

  1. I personally don’t get it with these auto makers, even BMW is ditching the manual?!!!
    I mean who doesn’t like the motions of clutching n shifting and feeling like a total integral part of the car while doing it?

    well I guess it time to change the logo from “the ultimate driving machine” to… “just another boring machine”

    I hope Porsche doesn’t follow suit wit the 911.

    we might have to start a riot!

  2. all i can say is, if more people bought manuals they would still offer them. it costs them more money to make a manual car that no one is buying than to just discontinue them all together. its not their fault that no one is buying them. that being said i did like the rev matching feature that the F10’s have, as soon as you move the shifter to the gear you wish to let the clutch out in, the car automatically goes to the correct RPM at that speed to select the gear.

  3. I too think that a sports car, even a sedan sports car such as e 39 540i 6 and m5 should be manual. Recently i need to have my 2000 540i 6 in the shop( it is a bmw) and i got an auto 330 ix to drive. Nice car, lots of power , however its boring . I will allways look for manual to purchace. Next one i’d like to have the e39 m5..

    • I totally agree, the autos are fun to drive in manual mode but it gets boring after a while not having a clutch. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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