Question About E39 Remapping

Hi guys,

I have an e39 530d 193hp with 212000km, car is in very good condition and I would realy want it to be remapped for some extra hp. I emailed a local tuner here, and he said he wouldn’t recommend it because it has so many miles on it, and that this engine is not reliable to start with even without a tuning/remap! I had an E46 330d with 184hp and an E38 730d with 163hp, both were also remapped, the 730d even had 245000km when I did that and never had problems with it, so I really don’t know what to do?  The tuner I emailed is a very well known one, so they know what they are doing, but I called other known and skilled tuners and they are willing to do it; so I really don’t know what to do here.  Are these engines really that unreliable? Should I just go ahead and remap it or leave it like it is?

Hope this time I’ve posted this in the right place.

Thanks in advance guys and hope you can help me, cheers.

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5 thoughts on “Question About E39 Remapping

  1. Hi, i have a 2001 530d and would like to put a new turbo on it. can you recommend me one pls?? Or should i just increase the boost pressure? do I need to change the injectors to get it done?


    • Yedah thx man, the car is tuned now but there were some issues, I replaced 2 injectors cause they were in very bad condition and had it tuned then, I went a bit further then was planned :p bigger turbo, full open exhaust en then a remap to top it of. With bigger injectors 320hp and 700nm + is possible but for now i’m good with 260hp and 600nm, we’ll see what the future brings 😀

      • That sounds incredible! I have a 2003 530d wagon and have held off on doing any mods beyond taking out the intake swirl flaps and a EGR valve delete. Curious as to what turbo you installed, and who you purchased the remap tune from? Also, if your exhaust is straight pipe all the way back, how bad does you’re car smoke? I am considering a catalytic down pipe delete that is sold on eBay out of the UK, but that sill leaves the mid catalytic converter and muffler. I’m impressed that your at 600nm, have you thought about transmission upgrades (if you have and automatic that is)?

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