Alex’s 1999 BMW E39 540i/6 Introduction

0710152028bThere comes a point in time when people decide that they want to make a change in life. For me, that change was owning a BMW. The first I heard of BMW’s was as a kid going to the auto show with my father, and grandfather. It wasn’t until high school that I really became a car guy. The very first time I rode in a E39 was in 2011, with Ryan’s 2000 E39 M5. I immediately fell in love with that car, and knew that I had to have one. It wasn’t until 4 years later that I can finally say that I am a proud owner of a BMW. I purchased this vehicle off of my good friend, Razvan who gave me a fantastic deal on this beautiful machine.  My goals and dreams for this car are to have it be as close to new as possible. Work I have completed include the refinishing of the wheels, new tires (Continental Extreme Contact DWS), rear cup holder delete, new fan clutch and fan, oil change and filter, K&N engine air filter, center armrest pull handle, floor mats, fixing of the headlights, new wheel center caps, and valve stems. The list goes on and on, and it will continue to do so until the car is what I want it to be. Over the past month of owning this car I have completely fallen in love with it. In my opinion, there is no greater bang for buck than this car, the BMW E39 540i/6.


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4 thoughts on “Alex’s 1999 BMW E39 540i/6 Introduction

  1. Hi.

    I tried to upgrade my software and my screen just went black and wont go out.

    what do i need to do. What exact files do i need to have on the disc for the upgrade to work?


    • Read the article in FULL to completely understand how this is done. Determine if you have MKIII or MKIV.

      If MKIII, download Mode2/Form1 copy and burn the .cue (after unzipping) to the disk.
      If MKIV, lowland V32 either original or modified and burn the .cue (after unzipping) to the disk.

      Proceed with detailed instructions in article.

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