AJ’s 2002 BMW E39 530iA Introduction


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a strong interest on cars. My dad’s a Captain in a ship so he travels a lot. He used to go to different places and get remote control cars for me. Often times he would get me Mercedes Benz and BMWs. I’ve had a strong interest in German cars.

Back in 2013, my dad was hunting for a new daily driver. He was looking at a brand new Civic which was fully loaded. Thank God that never happened. He was looking at a couple of Camrys and a 08 ML350. Honestly, I didn’t like any one of those cars. After a day or so my uncle spoke to my dad about a BMW 530I that he found on Craigslist. My dad was interested in it and it was about 5 minutes away from my uncle’s house.

We called Scott the Ex owner of my E39. We told him that we wanted to see the car and we arranged a meeting 30 minutes later. I was really excited. I saw a couple of snapshots of the car on Craigslist and I fell in love with the E39.

We met up with Scott my dad and my uncle were talking to Scott about the car’s condition. On the other hand, I went inside the car and I sat on the Passenger side. The car fell like a high end luxurious car. My dad took it for a spin and I was sitting at the passenger seat. My dad took a hard right turn and chucked it in Steptronic and put his foot down on the gas pedal. I chucked back in-to my seat and I heard that lovely exhaust note. My dad hit a speed of 90 MPH and the car felt so solid. We drove back to the Mosque and got out of the car. Scott was waiting for us. He wanted the car gone since he got a Chevrolet Silverado from his work place and he didn’t have a garage available for the E39… It had to go.

However, there was a problem with the car. The CHECK-ENGINE light was on. Just like a wise guy my dad told Scott that he would call him later. We hopped into my uncles 2012 Honda Civic. It felt nothing like the E39. I was missing the car so badly. My dad enjoyed the inline 6 of the BMW. Later that day, I spoke to my dad about the BMW. He told me that my uncle and my dad were going to autozone to see what codes the E39 was showing. And if there’s nothing major wrong with it. It would be ours. I was really excited.

The next day I went to school. I was distracted throughout the whole day. The only thing that I was thinking about was the E39. During lunch all of my friends were talking and I was the only one that was quiet. I was texting my dad and I was looking at Craigslist to see if Scott deleted the advertisement or not. When I got home I didn’t see the E39 but the advertisement on Craigslist was deleted. That ticked me for a second. I spoke to my dad about the car and he told me that he had bought it. I was so happy when I heard about it. My dad then told me that Scott is going to give my dad the Car after 2 days because he had to wash it and detail the interior and Exterior. I also asked him what codes the car gave him and he replied saying that it was the O2 Sensor. My dad ordered an O2 sensor that following day. After 2 days the BMW arrived.  

My dad bought the car with 144,562 Miles in it. After 2 years the car now has about 155,500 Miles as of today. The car has had 3 Owners. The first owner had it till 2012 and my E39 had been maintained by the dealer throughout it’s life. Scott owned the car for a year and did the regular maintenance by himself. Luckily, I have the entire service history with the car. Most of the common issues have been addressed such as the leaking head gasket, expansion tank and pixelation of the instrument cluster.

I had to change the brake rotors,pads and sensors in the front and the back. I used Hawk HPS brake pads and the brake dust has reduced significantly. The rims were filthy when we got the car. It was filled with brake dust. The style 82 need to be refurbished. But I probably won’t I plan on changing my rims. After the pads and the rotors I haven’t faced any issues with the bimmer! I recently got my Temps and the E39 is mine.

Some Future Plans:-

Replace the Front bumper with a OEM E39 530I Bumper 

Get a pair of Hella Euro Spec Headlights or restore the OEM headlights

M5 Lip Spoiler

Ziza Interior Lightning Kit

Style 37 Rims

Repaint the hood

fix rust spots on the rocker panels and the trunk

License plate delete trim

Replace some of the cracked wooden trim

And that’s about it.


Window Sticker Price:-

Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price $ 39,450

Cold Weather Package $600

-Heated Front Seats

-Headlight Washers

Premium Package  $3,300

-Leather upholstry

-power glass moonroof

-Vavon high gloss wood trim

-Integrated garage door opener

-On-board computer

-Auto-dimming rear view mirror

-Rain-sensing windshield wipers

Steptronic Transmission $1,275

Heated Steering Wheel $150

Xenon Headlights $500

Destination Charge $645

Total Suggested Retail Price- $45,920

These were the first pictures that I had seen of the car:-received_4986238272442received_4986238472447 received_4986238632451

Some Pictures of the car during my ownership:-


20151207_162513 20151212_132146



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