Jay’s 2000 BMW E39 M5

20160428_080940Hello E39Source. I am a new member to this website, and I wanted to get more involved with this close knit group of E39 enthusiasts. I just recently purchased my first M5! I bought it in Seattle, Washington with 148,000 miles on the clock. The interior is immaculate, along with the rest of the car. It honestly doesn’t feel as if it has covered 148,000 miles. I’ve driven upwards of ten M5s and this one takes the cake. It has plenty of get-up and go, and, so far, has none of the common E39 issues. No gas cap rust, no VANOS rattle, no rod bearing noise, no timing chain rattle, no busted cup holders, and no pixel issues. I will, however, be experiencing some of these I am sure because all of my other E39s have at some point. I believe I got this for a good deal, considering the other M5s I went to look at were in a much worse condition. The salesmen were quite friendly, and there was no pressure to buy this car. It has heated seats, a power rear sunshade, a 6-disc CD changer, Dinan stage 1 engine software, Dinan mufflers, a new clutch, new tires, and a very meticulous previous owner. I have receipts spanning all the way back to 2002. I’m glad I finally own one of these beasts, my dream is now a reality!

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19 thoughts on “Jay’s 2000 BMW E39 M5

  1. Ryan
    I want to commend you for the wonderful job you are doing on your part to provide very vital and relevant info this particular model… its nice to know that I’m not alone in my profound love this particular model of BMW… I only wish I was a knowledgeable as you and with half the guts to start tackling some DIY maintenance…I really like my…. fuck that I love my e39 525i… often I find myself smiling while driving it simply bcos the response and handling feed backs…
    perhaps one day I’ll upload pix of it. but it’ll be sitting next to the m5.

    • Mazi, thanks for the kind words! I always enjoy hearing that other people are big E39 fans as well. Good luck in your M5 quest! In the meantime, enjoy your 525i. They may not be an M5, but they’re still fantastic sedans that are more interesting and involving to drive than anything BMW produces today!

      • No doubt bro!

        I’ve been watching your youtube channel for some years now, in fact I remember when you had only one video up giving a thorough specification on your car…it was very detailed and informative and that got me hooked, and ive been following you and your M5 ever since.

        I’ve been assuring myself that I will get one since 2011 and I think I’m gonna pull the trigger next year, wish me luck in finding a well maintained piece with decent miles and a completed maintenance record to boot. I really cant wait, I might even take a trip to the enthusiast dealership in Ohio if I cant find one from a personal seller.
        Till then keep enticing me with the great videos!

        • Thanks for the kind words! I would certainly recommend trying to find a personal seller who knows his or her car well, and has all the service records. They aren’t too rare to find in my experience. I definitely wish you the best of luck though! My advice is: don’t settle. Wait until you find what you want, in the right condition. Its worth the wait. Good luck!


  2. Jay that’s a beautiful M5 …. cant wait to get my hands on one…. been patiently waiting and watching the markets for a nice 01-03 …. must own a e39 m5 in my lifetime…. for now i’ll continue enjoying my ’03 525i sports ///M… the whole e39 line up is just timeless in design. I love ’em, but I just wish mine had the manual trans option, till the M5 comes along will settle for the tiptronic stuff…

  3. Lol Rob good luck on getting a properly sorted M5 to ship to Nigeria, but u and I will know that is half the battle, apart from finding a good well equipped shop with knowledgeable technicians to handle the scheduled maintenance issues you have to worry about those crater sized pot holes.
    personally I wouldn’t dream of importing an m5 to naija but hey …that just my 2 lil cents on the issue.

  4. Nice article. Lucky buy.
    I myself, I’m looking at buying an M5 and have it shipped over to me in Nigeria. But I fear for the kind of work it requires. Technicians here may not be able to handke it whe the time comes. I also fear for the level of knowledge an independent mechanic I can “hire” online to help me go check out the car before I purchase and ship.
    Maybe I would end up getting a 540i instead and admire you M5 owners from afar on the internet.
    I have strayed so much. Damn.

    • Well good luck getting an m5. Honestly, they’re worKS of art. But you won’t go wrong getting any other e39. 540 especially if you want that v8

    • The M5s are more reliable than the 540is. The 540i’s 4.4 V8 (M62) runs VERY hot, so the cooling system, plastics, and gaskets in the engine wear much faster. The M5’s 5.0 V8 (S62) is more complicated, however. Both are well known for going over 200,000 miles with proper maintenance though.

      • Thanks for the pointer!
        I will do some more research and settle for the M5. Afterall, ome has got to do something crazy once or more in a lifetime. There’s no need settling for less power.

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