BMW E39 5-Series Gruppe M Carbon Air Intake– SOLD

I have for sale a Japan Made Gruppe M True Carbon air intake with K&N performance air filter + K&N recharger kit.

I bought this intake for my Mercedes, but unfortunately it doesn’t work as well as I expected, because it is specifically made for BMW E39).  I am now looking to sell it.

Performance Improvements?  This filter increases the engine’s ability to breathe, and thus it’s power output.  This was definitely for me in the higher RPMs. The sound of the acceleration was also improved with this filter.
Compatibility?  This Gruppe M model is 02 01 11 and is specifically made for BMW E39 6-cylinder models:  520i, 523i, 525i, 528i  (The 530i and 540i V8 both have bigger mass air flow sensors).  On the 3-series (E36, E46) it does not fit because the carbon housing is too large to fit under the hood.
Condition?  This intake is used, but the carbon condition is simply perfect, there are no scratches, etc.  The K&N filter is also in good condition.
Price? $150USD plus shipping. I am located in Republic of Georgia in Tbilisi. If anyone has interest, please contact:
I removed this intake from an E39 523i M-sport.
Here are the original pictures:
Before i removed it looked like this on E39 523i:
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7 thoughts on “BMW E39 5-Series Gruppe M Carbon Air Intake– SOLD

    • I mean, you’ve got a big opening but the engine is only goint to take in a certain volume of air based on afr ratios and throttle position. You could have an opening the size of the car and it wouldn’t help boost torque or hp. So if you just want a carbon fiber funnel, great.

      • I had the dinan cold air intake but it also had the throttle body by dinan, maf from Dinan and manifold from an m60 engine but without the software, on a dyno I saw no benifit other that thinking it was cool and it sounded different. The car’s engine software needs to be tweaked in order to increase anything. Show me dyno #’s or its just a carbon fiber inlet.

        • Dear Lee i agree with you 100%. For example when we installed big T/B on my friends car it had 74mm and we replaced it with 82mm, there was no power gains until we tweaked ECU.

          As i already said in this post this intake didn’t work on my E430 as good as i expected, because it is definietely made for E39 L6 engines. So i have no dyno results.

          This Gruppe M air intake advantage is that it looks more better than stock air box and with this stuff car engine sound sipmly awesome in higher rpms.

    • Of course it is better to install whole GP exhaust + intake + flash tour cars ECU, it will give you true HP-s. If you install only GR ram intake shown in this post, it will you give awesome sound and a little feeling that car breathes better. Can’t tell that only this ram intake will give you any HP.

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