Diederik’s E36 323i Coupe

My name is Diederik, 21 years old and I am a mechanical engineer student with a passion for cars.  When I was searching for more information about the BMW E39 M5 I found this website and registered myself for the future.
At the moment I drive a BMW E36 323i MT coupe in Hellrot with some modifications and a Volvo 855 Turbo AT in Beige Metallic.

I have owned the BMW now for 2 years.
The BMW was bought as a project car for drifting and some racing on the tracks. But it went slightly different than that, because I blew the original 2.0 M52B20 engine on the german Autobahn. After a short but fast drive on the Autobahn the car just ran on 5 of the 6 cylinders.

Engine running on 5 cilinders somewhere in Germany..

So I decided to swap the engine to a 2.5 or 2.8 liter, but it had to be cheap (because student..). And it had to be an M52 engine so I could use the original engine loom, which is slightly diffrent from tthe M50 engine loom. After a short search I found a M52B25 engine (also known as a 323i or 523i, don’t know if these engine’s are used in the USA?) with low milaege and everything with it for the swap.

Swapping the M52B25 engine out of the donor vehicle (BMW 323ti compact)

Swapping the old M52B20 engine out of the E36 coupe

Before the swap I also put Bilstein B14 schocks and springs on it because the original rear shocks where completely rusted (it was kind of shocking to see the state of the shocks).

The original rear shocks were rusted.

Ltec Bucketseat

I also swapped the driverseat for a Ltec bucketseat beacuse the original seat was broken in the back.


Some modifications I have done on the E36 over the time:
-Swap M52B20 engine for a M52B25 engine
-Powerflex rubbers in the support arms
-Ltec bucketseat for the driver
-Bilstein B14 shocks and springs
-M50 intake

M50 vs M52 intake

Modifications for the future:
-LSD differential
-E46 330i rotors and calipers or E36 M3 rotors and calipers
-17 inch E36 M3 rims

I have done the normal service to the car like spark plugs oil changes (every year or 15000km’s) etc.
A the moment the car is in storage because I can’t affort to drive 2 cars at the same time, so in the winter I drive the BMW and in the summer the Volvo.

Here are some pics of the BMW at it’s present state. (just the Billstein and 316i stickers are removed). I like the car with the grey bumpers.

And at last the Volvo 855 Turbo
I have this car now for 4 years (my first car)

I will post some DIY’s for the M52 engine’s in the future, like the M52 to M50 intake swap.

I hope my English is good enough to read, this is a good practice for me.

If you’ve got any questions just ask!

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