Aj’s 2001 530iA

Yes, I’ve purchased another E39. Let’s recap a little. My other E39 is a 2002 Sterlinggrau 530iA. That car is in immaculate shape but like any other E39, it has it’s quirk. But, there’s a couple of reasons why I bought another E39.

I bought this E39 because the new one will be my daily driver. I have seen most of my friends get rid of their E39 5 series after they get themselves an ///M. Some miss their previous 5 er and some don’t. But I thought and came to a conclusion that car enthusiasts sell their 5 er to people that sometimes don’t know what the E39 5 er is and eventually that car will get destroyed. So, in the friend group I decided that I would keep my 530iA, and make it one of a kind. No, I won’t be adding an M-Tech bumper whatsoever. The 530 is not as aggressive. I will just make that car better and keep it as stock as possible.

In order to this, I had to buy a beater car. If you know about Ohio, it snows a lot here. The Ohioans love to salt their roads. I did not want my sterlinggrau to get rusted. So buying a beater was the choice. Also the roads are filled with potholes. Snow and Potholes = No bueno at least in Toledo.

I had a relatively small budget. I was looking for a manual. I didn’t set my mind on an E39 cause simply an E39 was nothing close to my budget. I was looking at E30s,E36,E46 and let me tell you an E39 face-lift wasn’t in my budget. Like I was only finding E34s, E30s, E36s and E46s. But then my car came up. It was abused. The car was on E60 rims plastidipped black with tint. Like, it was murdered out. The person who I got it from was going to LS swap it and have a cheap M5. But, he was getting married and was selling his project. So, I snagged the car.

A car that was going to be LS swapped has issues right? A lot of them right? Not really, my car is mechanically very very solid! For the price I paid for it. I won’t complain. The car has been meticulously maintained. I also got a lot of Service history. Another thing, No lights on the dash. The car has 216k miles and I purchased it with 214k miles and in the past 2k miles I haven’t had a single hiccup other than an expansion tank to lower radiator hose that exploded. Just to be safe I replaced both of the hoses that connect from the reservoir.

Not only did I buy this to have a beater car. I also purchased it so that I can prove to people that mileage doesn’t matter all the time and a high mileage BMW is not a money pit. This car has well over 217k miles and it is running rock solid. It has some minor issues. A car that is 16 years old is not going to be perfect. I have owned this car through winter and proved my point that buying a high mileage BMW won’t be a money pit.

My new E39 is a 2001 BMW 530iA. The car is painted in Cosmo Black over Black leather and the Vavona Wood Trim. The car has Sport Package. I do have a full set of BBS style 42’s that came with the car. They need to be refinished. But those will go in my sterlinggrau 530. But the car in this moment has E60 base rims. Believe it or not but they look really well with the car. At least better than the 82’s IMO.

I am a big fan of the sport suspension. Like it handles a lot better than my other one. This car has had a cooling system over-haul. It does have it’s quirk. Peeling A and C pillar fabric, and all sorts of cosmetic issues. But overall the car has been maintained very well.

I finally proved some friends of mine that mileage does not matter whatsoever. It depends how the car has been maintained. My car was not beat. It has regular wear and tear for a car with this miles. This car is a perfect example of a car maintained very well having high mileage. That is the main reason why I got it. Some TLC later, she’s a keeper!


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