BMW E39 M5 Floor Mats

IMG_7047Really, Ryan?  A post about floor mats?  Damn straight.

When I first acquired my M5 in July, 2010, I immediately noticed the deficit of good content about the car on the Internet.  Less than a year later, E39Source was started to pay this debt to the Internet and all those who search for it.  This is yet another post to turn red to black in the BMW community.

Many of us M5 owners, unfortunately, live in more ‘diverse’ climates.  Diverse is a word for die hards who are trapped in cold regions and can’t get out.  What they really mean is, ‘pathetic’ or ‘derelict’, perhaps.  Anyhow, living where there are four seasons, we need options.  Keep your carpet mats in, and by the first spring, they’re white with salt, and effectively destroyed.  Keep your rubber winter mats in, and your car still feels like a Kia rental or a bathtub come winter’s end.

My goal here is just to provide part numbers of OEM, genuine BMW parts for this job. Going to eBay will display many non-OEM, lower quality parts with may, or may not, fit your vehicle well.  Note that OEM BMW mats fit the floor in each seat perfectly.  They are made of high-quality material, come with the attachment clips to keep them stationary on your vehicle’s floor, and have the correct color options to fit your vehicles interior.


OEM BMW Part Number:  82550302997

BMW’s all-weather mats are right for the job.  Mine came from EagleDay, and cost me about $100 for all four.  Just want the front two?  Subtract $33.  Eagleday offers black, beige, and grey for the E39.  The winter mats come with four hooks, two for each front seat.  These hooks screw into the floor where the velcro parts where before, and keep your mats from sliding all over the floor.  After three winters, my mats still look very good. They have a rim around the edge to keep water/slush from spilling out onto the carpet, and the channels in the durable rubber keep any water from pooling up.  I can’t imagine a better design for winter mats.


OEM BMW Part Number:  82110009046

For some reason, only about 1/2 of the M5’s that I see actually have OEM BMW floor mats in them.  Maybe because they’re more expensive, they’re replaced with OEM parts when the originals wear out.  But, as I say, you get what you pay for.  EagleDay offers the carpet M5 mats as well, in black (anthracite in M5), green, and caramel.  I actually purchased mine from a BMW dealer on eBay, however.  They came with all eight velcro floor clips as well.  The OEM product is worth the $120 or so price.  The carpet and binding is very high quality, the M5 logos are embroidered very well, and the backing is a high-quality felt with the velcro pads in the bottom corners.  They fit the car incredibly well, and add that sporty touch of detail.

April, 2013.  After an incredibly long and miserable winter, I finally ditched my rubber mats for some new carpet ones.  For 2012, my winter ones were only in place for 2 months or so, this year, they lived in my car for 6 months.  It’s a very welcome change to have soft, plush carpeting back!

Sorry for getting carried away with this article, I tend to do that.  I just wanted to cover the bases here, and leave little room for confusion or buying cheap parts.  Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “BMW E39 M5 Floor Mats

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Let me begin by saying… great website, great name, great posts and a good idea with wanting to break it out into a community thing.

    I would be very interested in adding my E39 M5 ownership feedback and in particular variances that we over in the UK see with our E39 M5’s over here.

    My neighbour across the road and I both have E39 M5s in Le Mans Blue (he has a 2000 example and I have a 2003).

    Unfortunately I work long hours so would not be able to commit to the frequency of posts that you have been providing, so how would you feel about me sending you raw iPhone footage videos and you editing and uploading them?

    Keep up the excellent work that you have so far ;->

    E30 M3
    R56 Mini Cooper S
    E39 M5

    • Tanvir,

      Thank you so much for your comment! We would LOVE to have another E39 M5 on here, especially a Euro-spec model! You’ve got an incredible garage there, I’m sure you will be very well accepted here on E39Source. 🙂

      Sending raw iPhone footage is actually the best way, I always like to edit them myself anyhow!! Looking forward to seeing your car, in the best E39 M5 color I think as well.



      • Hi Ryan,

        That’s excellent, let me know how I can upload my raw footage, and an email address to send you some pics.

        I’ll get busy in the meantime making the videos!

        • Feel free to use my E39Source email: for photos. There are several ways you can get us the raw files. If you like, you can just make one huge take and upload it to a YouTube channel. I can download that and edit it myself. If you have too many clips to upload, we’ll have to use something in the cloud to copy files. We can use my email to discuss this if the YouTube method won’t work. Let me know!!


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