About BimmerHQ

Zach & Jake are the owners of http://www.bimmerhq.com, an online parts store that specializes in all things BMW. Zach drives an E90 335i modded with a JB4, catless downpipes, a dual cone intake, and various other mods. Jake drives an E60 535i and is currently searching for an E30 or E34 project build.

BMW N54 Tuning & Maintenance Guide

In the past few years the N54 twin turbo 3.0L Inline-6 has gained the reputation of being an easily tunable and powerful engine. With the N54 aging and the increasing number of modifications available, we are bound to begin seeing more blown engines and turbos. Although the block and internals are very strong, the N54 is prone to issues without the proper maintenance and repairs. Whether your N54 is stock or running a large single turbo set up, this guide will ensure your engine is running at its best.

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