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I have had an interest in cars since the day I was born. From playing with matchbox cars when I was little to driving remote control cars as I got older and eventually driving my parents 2008 BMW 535xi.

BMW Removes Manual Transmission From the 5 Series


Roughly a month ago, I was on BMWUSA and noticed the manual gearbox was removed from the F10 5 series. The standard gearbox is now the 8 speed auto (sigh) or there is the sport automatic transmission for an extra $500. When a manual gearbox is removed from a fine tuned driving instrument, a part of its soul has been removed. Continue reading

BMW finally answers Tesla with a “green” supercar

c19b11e1d14610ea10e69d8b8a4da306Up till now, Tesla has had the market for high-end electric cars pretty much to itself. But that first-mover advantage is ending.

BMW has just rolled out the i8, a plug-in supercar that will test just how much big spenders are willing to pay for a racer with a green badge. This real-life Batmobile starts at about $140,000, but availability is limited for now, and some sellers are asking well over $200,000 for the car. Continue reading