Compromise – Updates with Andrew and His 2000 M5

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 5.17.27 PMI’ve had my M5 for about seven months now, but I have only driven it 2500 miles. That is plenty of time to get familiar with my vehicle, but not enough to determine it’s reliability. For example, when I went to top off the tank before putting my M5 back into storage, it threw an SES code on the cluster. I plugged in my cheap-o generic OBDII scanner, and it came up with a P1526 and P0022 code, “A” Camshaft Position Actuator Control Open Circuit Bank 2 and “A” Camshaft Position – Timing over-retarded (Bank 2) respectively. I had the same two related codes over the summer when I first got my car, and that was when I opened up my bank 2 VANOS solenoids to check their operation. I have now confirmed that I need an intake CPS (Camshaft Position Sensor), which I plan on doing in late May. Continue reading

Andrew’s 2000 BMW M5 Information

Andrew M5

M5 ownership is a grand experience, even though it has been riddled with mistakes, hard work, and pure luck.

My name is Andrew, and I didn’t start out with my current M5, but rather another BMW: my mother’s 2003 E53 X5.  It has the 3.0 liter M54 motor, and a religious service history from the dealer/independent specialists so I would never be let down.  It took me until halfway through my senior year in high school and I was using the X5’s utility to the max.  I was a three sport athlete, and also a volunteer fire fighter, so I was driving to-and-from practice, my home, and the fire house quite often.  A plain soccer-mobile X5 was boring for a trending high school senior, so I started to modify it subtly.  However, the interior got hit hard with my crazy hormones, and my style reflected that; I put plaid fabric over the wood trim, and vinyled my center console so all my friends could sign it.  I also participated in two teen driving schools with the X5, one held by Audi Club of NJ, and one held by Tire Rack and BMWCCA called Tire Rack Street Survival.  I took part in a 2-day teen driving school held by BMW at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC, where my X5 was also built. Continue reading