Charlie’s 2002 BMW 520i SE Introduction


Hi everyone, I’m really excited to share my new vehicle with you! I have always wanted a saloon, or sedan as you guys in the states call them. I am a tall guy, 6’7″, so trying to find the right vehicle is a pain! I have to find one first, and ask to sit in the car, which is always an awkward conversation. If I fit in it, then I know what to look for. I originally wanted something classy, like a Mercedes-Benz, but then I realized the costs of repair would be astronomical, and I really didn’t think at my age, 19, it would be very sensible. I then remembered how my step dad always loved his BMW. He had a 1999 3-series, and I loved it. He actually destroyed it by putting on big tires and stupid suspension, meaning that when you went round a bend, you could smell and hear the rubber burning on the wheel arch. That car though was the birth of my strong desire to own a BMW. Continue reading