For Sale: 2002 E39 530i Sport Silver/Grey

The exterior is in great shape, has a beautiful shine, and no scratches or dents. The interior is also in very nice shape. There are no rips or tears on the seats or dashboard. New tires. Complete with satellite radio, CD player, USB port, and Bluetooth. Wood trim. Sunroof. It needs a thermostat. 200,000 miles. Garage kept. This car is located in New Jersey.  I am moving onto a new BMW.

Price:  $1,100   Continue reading

Christian’s 2000 BMW E46 330ci


I never thought I would say this, but I bought and own a BMW! Let me give that statement some context- BMW’s don’t have the best reputation in my family. My Dad owned a 2005 BMW E65 735i Sport from 2009-2010. “The single most unreliable car I’ve ever owned”, in his words. It was a brilliant machine to drive, and was actually the very first car I drove prior to learning how to drive a manual. Cue the haters, but I am a partial lover of the infamous bangle-butt generation of the BMW 7. Something about it screams unparalleled practicality whilst also having supercomputer power. However, that was also the car’s achilles heel. The E65 was just stupidly complicated. My Father’s example had numerous problems with the iDrive system, engine timing chain components, and a large number of sensors that simply decided to go on strike and stop working for no apparent reason. As you could’ve guessed, this caused the car’s systems to go haywire. All those headaches from an (at the time) 5 year old with only 65,000km. This was supposed to be The Ultimate Driving Machine. What was I in for when I purchased my 16 year old, 110,000km 330ci? One word: bliss. Continue reading