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  1. Hi Guys
    Last month I downloaded and burned, using IMG, the SW3 3-1/00 software from your website. This, according to the site is the latest for my 2001 E38 BMW Mk3 Nav.
    Using the burned CD, I installed the update. It took some time, but eventually the installation completed, and I was not asked for the key CD. The system re booted and the “M” logo appeared instead of the old BMW one. The screen now looks more like the Mk4 in my 2004 330ci.
    Great I thought, all good, put the nav disc back in, and left it at that.
    I have just gone into the settings page to make some display changes and noted the software version shows as SW3-1/65, not SW3-1/00 as per the website.
    Is the 1/65 an even later version of the software that I was expecting, or did my installation go wrong and should I repeat the update?

    • I have done some research and determined that SW3-1/63 is the latest software available for the MKIII (V22, released August 2003). Some systems report SW3-1/65, which doesn’t even exist on the table that I see. I would assume this to be the same as V22 or SW3-1/63.

  2. Hi,

    If I update my MK4 with the “MKIV: SW 4-1/00 (version 32) (Modified version: ///M logo splash screen, night mode, speed camera alerts)”, does the Navigation change the Language ? Im From Germany and I need my MK4 in German.


  3. What does navtweak and navspeak to your MKIV system when i upgrade to SW 4-1/100. Now i have SW 4-1/50 and only the german/ englisch and french langauge

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