Navigation Software:  E39, E38, E46, E53, E83, E52 

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  1. Hi,
    Sorry if asking not in right section but I need an answer and I hope I’ll get it from you. I want to connect an AUX input in my E39 and I can’t find if my Radio Unit supports it, and if YES than what I need to buy and do. My Unit nr is BMW professional BM54 from Becker and unit nr is 65.12-6 919 078. There is a navigation display as well.
    Thanks very much…

  2. Hi Rayan my software is 4.1/71 yours is 4.1/00 can i download yours. ..? Whats the latest software on E53 X5..? Please advise

  3. Hi Ryan, excellent info btw, best I’ve seen.
    My MK4 has v32 modified, but a 3 language European version reading german to the instrument cluster. I assume the v32 English version will overwrite the existing version, correct?

      • Radio and cluster are US, updated the MKII with a Latvian MKIV and had the cluster issue. I’m sure from your info that I am good to go.
        Top notch stuff, btw!

        • Hi Ryan, D/l’d the sw. Loaded, all fine, except I still have German, Italian, French as language selections under ‘Config/speed camera’ settings, and they do switch the cluster info per selection.
          No English selection listed. OBC readout on the screen is English when French is selected, german/Italian otherwise. NavTweak possibly to change this? Or is it a processor issue I cannot change? All suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

          • The only language that we use is English, and we have found it in every bit of software that we host on E39Source. Your OBC cluster might be hard coded in something else… which could affect other systems? I would seek dealership knowledge and experience for this, I’m sorry we can’t help more.

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