Andres’ 2000 540i/6 Introduction

IMG_5663Hello E39 Source, my name is Andres and I’d like to introduce my 2000 540i/6. Here’s a little background information about how I found my car and what I’ve done to it.

I’ve been a car guy for as long as I can remember; my grandpa’s a mechanic and my dad races vintage cars in SCCA. The day I turned fifteen and got my learner’s license, I was already looking into what my first car could possibly be. Continue reading

BMW Removes Manual Transmission From the 5 Series


Roughly a month ago, I was on BMWUSA and noticed the manual gearbox was removed from the F10 5 series. The standard gearbox is now the 8 speed auto (sigh) or there is the sport automatic transmission for an extra $500. When a manual gearbox is removed from a fine tuned driving instrument, a part of its soul has been removed. Continue reading

BMW finally answers Tesla with a “green” supercar

c19b11e1d14610ea10e69d8b8a4da306Up till now, Tesla has had the market for high-end electric cars pretty much to itself. But that first-mover advantage is ending.

BMW has just rolled out the i8, a plug-in supercar that will test just how much big spenders are willing to pay for a racer with a green badge. This real-life Batmobile starts at about $140,000, but availability is limited for now, and some sellers are asking well over $200,000 for the car. Continue reading

Josh’s 2001 530i Introduction

Hello from Melbourne, Australia! My names Josh, i’m an automotive photographer and a mechanic. I like a plethora of cars but BMW has always been my number one. Thought I would give you all a bit of a background into my obsession with the BMW brand and an introduction to my E39. This post may get a bit long though, its a trip down memory lane for me right now 😛


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Daryl’s 2001 525i Introduction


G’day from sunny Brisbane, Queensland Australia! My name’s Daryl however I go by the online name Dodgy Haro on most car forums (clubroadster + club4AG) which I participate in. My car background is mainly JDM (previous AE86 and Na6 Miata owner amongst other cars) however I do appreciate European rides too and how they generally handle better on highways and don’t impart that plastic feeling you get from some Japanese cars. Continue reading

Christian’s 1999 540i Introduction


As far back as I can remember I have been obsessed with cars, and most recently that obsession has been channeled to my 1999 540i. My passion for cars is definitely in my family’s blood. My grandpa had a very strong interest in cars, some of which are some of the most beautiful cars from the 20th century in my opinion. These cars included a 1969 Signal Orange Porsche 911E, 1958 Blue Jaguar XK-140 convertible, 1968 Jaguar E-type convertible in Tan, and a 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible in Black with the suicide doors.  Growing up around these cars gave me a solid understanding about cars and how awesome they can be.

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Restoration Project – Alpina B10 V8

31354076_CP_photoAfter two weeks of a detailed check-up at BMW Dubai (AED 4,000 or $1,100) plus my additional instructions, I came to understand that the core of this car is healthy. The only big mechanical aspects are: front wishbones, rear wheel bearings suspensions (Alpina specific, will cost a fortune as I want genuine OEM only), the rubber disc connecting the gearbox output to the prop-shaft, and the spinning crankshaft joint. Also the AC/dynamo belts and steering are weak.

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Ryan’s 2003 530i Introduction


For as long as I can remember, I’ve held a strong interest in cars, though my parents accredit that to a toy school bus I had as a toddler. After I turned four, I would point to cars on the road and ask my dad what they were. His limited automotive knowledge meant that every SUV was a Jeep to me; everything else was a mishmash. Through clipping pictures of nice cars out of magazines, collecting Hot Wheels sized cars, and reading the undercarriage for the label, I started to form a vague understanding of what I was seeing on the road.

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BMW E39 Changes Throughout Production

UntitledThe BMW E39 5-series was produced from 09/1995-06/2003 for the 1996-2003 model years. In September of 2000, for the 2001 model year, BMW gave the E39 a facelift.  This means that the E39 chassis was updated, renewed both technologically and aesthetically for a few more years of production.

Even outside of the big 2001 facelift, things with the E39 changed each year.  This article will summarize the changes BMW made to US-spec vehicles throughout production. Continue reading